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Buying a home
is one of the biggest decisions
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Let the people you trust the most help.

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Making the biggest investment of your life is nothing to take lightly. Give yourself peace of mind by getting feedback from friends and family who you trust the most.

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decide socially

When making one of the biggest decisions of your life, leverage your strongest assets: your friends and family

Easily connect with your friends and family

Stop pestering your love ones with never-ending links to house listings.
Let them take it all in one place and provide feedback in a central location.

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Get notified as new feedback arrives from friends and family. Never miss a like or comment on your target home list.

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Carefully crafted design to beautifully emphasize your dream homes. Easy enough for all family members to use.

Everything in one place

Supports all major real estate sites, allowing all of your potential homes to be viewed in one place on one map.

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Decide supports all the most popular real estate sites

I was so overwhelmed as a first-time homebuyer. We wanted buy-in from my parents and my wife's family, end decide really helped pull it all together so we could get consistent feedback as we looked at dozens of properties.

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Samson San Francisco

I love being able to see all of my homes that I'm interested in one place. It's so easy to lose track going to dozens of open houses and searching through hundreds of listings.

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Dolly Bay Area